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Erosion control

Tecomatic erosion protection plays an important role in infrastructure and equips our society for the future.

Sustainable and effective erosion protection

Tecomatic’s concrete mattresses are a quality-assured option for erosion protection. There is a wide range of uses. Our mattresses are available in three different models and are determined by the conditions of the project. They work equally well on land and in water and are available in a variety of thicknesses and therefore weights.

The concrete mattresses can also be used as a cover to prevent the spread of environmentally hazardous and contaminated materials into the surrounding water. The problem can arise, for example, at contaminated ports or at factories near water where contaminated materials have been dumped.

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Another application is to protect and fold underwater wires and cables. They are then stabilized tightly against the bottom and the cables do not risk moving and wearing out.

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Protect slopes ending in water from erosion

A common application for Tecomatic concrete mattresses is to protect slopes ending in water from erosion. A filter point mattress allows water to pass through the filter points, creating an even pressure in the slope. You can also combine different thicknesses if, for example, you want a heavier mattress on the outer edge. These are just some of the possible uses.

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We are a market leader in erosion control and water treatment and have been active in this field since the 1980s. We have performed installations for customers such as Skanska, Peab, NCC and others. Read more about our different customer solutions.

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We specialize in products for environments where there are problems with erosion of land and fine material and the spread of environmentally hazardous sediment. We also design and build complete facilities for the collection and treatment of stormwater, leachate, process water and wastewater.

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