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Concrete mattress

Durable and quality-assured erosion control with a wide range of applications.

Tecomatic is the market leader in concrete mattresses

Tecomatic is the market leader in concrete mattresses in Sweden and has been working with concrete mattresses since the early 1980s. Together with our customers, we constantly develop our products and the approach to the use of concrete mattresses to offer the best solution.

Tecomatic can offer three different mattresses and combine them with our other products to always find a complete solution for our customers.

Betongmadrasser har ett brett användningsområde

A cost-effective and sustainable option

Concrete mattresses have a wide range of uses as erosion control where flowing water creates problems of material erosion. For example, we protect bridge supports, slopes, power stations, road culverts, tube bridges and ports in the form of propeller protection. Another use is as a cover for environmentally hazardous contaminated soil to prevent it from spreading to surrounding waters.

We always customize our concrete mattresses according to the project’s requirements and conditions and offer complete solutions with everything from advice and design to service.

At Tecomatic, we have extensive experience in sewing and working with large textiles. It is a valuable craft that allows us to tailor each solution.

Tecomatic concrete mattresses require much less input material than other structures such as stone erosion control, reverse filter or gabions. It is a time-efficient option where we sew all our concrete mattresses in our own production facilities in Kalmar. By keeping both production and installation in-house, we minimize the risk of production stops, unnecessary costs and transportation. Tecomatic personnel are always on site and carry out the projects to ensure high quality and long-lasting erosion protection.

Our different mattresses

Why should I choose a concrete mattress instead of stone erosion protection?

Varför ska jag välja betongmadrass

Sustainable and quality assured

Traditional stone erosion protection, also known as reverse protection, requires high maintenance and can never be as safe as concrete mattresses.

The material, geoduct and concrete, has a lifelong durability and the installation is done by experienced divers who ensure that the concrete mattress is in the right place and seals tightly where it should.

Stone is also an expensive material and requires multiple transports from the site where it is extracted, to a stone crusher and then on to the final destination. 


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