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Sewing and manufacturing

Tecomatic has extensive experience in sewing and working with large textiles.

Experts in working with large textiles

One of our main strengths is our long experience in sewing and working with large textiles. This craftsmanship is something we value highly and allows us to tailor our solutions to each customer’s unique requirements and to the specific conditions of their projects. Our impressive production facilities, comprising 1 800 sqm, shows what significant capacity we have. The large area allows for high quality production as we can carry out all sewing in-house and indoors.

Närbild på en hand-symaskin som används till att sy stora textilier.

From start to finish

We work continuously to find materials and products that provide the best possible results with the least possible environmental impact. We sew all our environmental curtains and concrete mattresses, but we can also help with the sewing of other large textiles such as geoducks and separating layers. Our expertise ranges from sewing to installation, but we can also offer sewing only on request. By keeping both production and installation in-house, we minimize the risk of production stops, unnecessary costs and transportation.

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