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About us

Tecomatic is a specialist in erosion control and water treatment.

Protecting the water environment and strengthening infrastructure

Tecomatic specializes in solutions and products for environments where there are problems with erosion of land and fine material or the spread of environmentally hazardous sediment. We also offer complete solutions in water treatment and complete facilities for the collection and treatment of stormwater, leachate, process water and wastewater as well as sediment discharge.

From start to finish

We work continuously to find materials and products that provide the best possible results with the least possible environmental impact. We sew our eco-curtains and concrete mattresses ourselves and install and complete the solution once it is in place.

Our impressive production facilities, covering 1,800 square meters, demonstrate our significant capacity. The large area allows for high quality production as we can carry out all sewing in-house and indoors. 

Your trusted partner

Tecomatic has been active since the 1980s and has carried out extensive installations of concrete mattresses, environmental curtains and floating walls. By keeping both production and installation in-house, we reduce the risk of production stops, unnecessary costs and transportation. 

With our unique expertise and our wide range of products, we can offer comprehensive solutions where we are involved in the entire process from consulting to project planning and entire contracts.

Tecomatic har varit verksamma sedan 80-talet och utfört

We have offices in Kalmar, Stockholm and Örnsköldsvik.

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Our experience and knowledge solve your challenge

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