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Merab optimizes leachate pond at waste facility.

The customer's challenge

Reducing nitrogen levels in leachate ponds

Merab (Mellanskånes Renhållnings AB) operates a waste facility and recycling center at Rönneholms mosse. The site also has three landfills, two closed and one active. When it rains or snows over landfill sites, the water carries pollutants, organic matter and nutrients such as nitrogen. This risks damaging the environment or causing eutrophication if it leaks into our natural water systems without being treated. The water is therefore treated in different leachate ponds and in one of the ponds Merab wanted to optimize the separation of nitrogen and organic matter and improve the pond hydraulics.

Merab (Mellanskånes Renhållnings AB) bedriver
Tecomatic installerade en skärmvägg

Our solution

Screen wall forming a screen pool

Tecomatic installed a screen wall that forms a screen pool in part of the pond. Inside the screen pool, Merab placed aerators to create a high oxygenation zone that optimizes the conditions for aerobic bacteria needed in the process to metabolize nitrogen. Results can already be seen with improved nitrogen levels.

“Although the system was installed fairly recently, we have already seen a reduction in nitrogen levels, indicating that we have achieved better nitrification. The screen wall also allows for better particle removal through better hydraulic efficiency in the pond.”

– Maria Persson, Environment and Projects, Merab

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