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Customer solutions

We are a market leader in erosion control and water treatment and provide everything from consultancy to complete contracts for our customers.

Customer solutions

Tecomatic has been operating since the 1980s and has carried out extensive installations of concrete mattresses, environmental curtains and floating walls, among other things. With our many years of experience, specialist skills and our wide range of products, we can offer tailor-made end-to-end solutions for our customers.

Baltic Offshore fick i uppdrag av Ellevio att installera 420 kV (kilovolt)

Erosion protection for cables in an aquatic environment

Baltic Offshore was commissioned by Ellevio to install 420 kV (kilovolt) HVAC (heating),

Sjön Öljaren utanför Katrineholm.

Low-flow dredging prevents eutrophication

Low-flow dredging in Öljaren prevents internal congestion and improves water quality, and against

Merab (Mellanskånes Renhållnings AB) bedriver en

Screen pool reduces nitrogen levels in leachate pond

Merab (Mellanskånes Renhållnings AB) operates a waste facility and recycling center at Rönneholms mosse.

Järlasjön är Nackas största sjö och mycket

Screen pool purifies stormwater in Järlasjön lake

Järlasjön is Nacka's largest lake and very important for outdoor recreation in the municipality, but despite reduced emissions from industries and households in the surrounding area, the water quality of the lake is threatened by poorly treated stormwater.

Drönarbild över byggnation av SCA kajen i Sundsvall.

Concrete mattresses protect port from erosion

PEAB was commissioned by SCA Logistics to build a new container port in Sundsvall.

Ombyggnationen av Slussenområdet i Stockholm

Concrete mattresses protect Slussen from increased water flow and erosion

The redevelopment of the Slussen area in Stockholm has been ongoing for some time.

En kund inom återvinningsindustrin som bland annat bedriver

Sediment discharge and disposal in a treatment pond

A customer in the recycling industry, whose activities include

We specialize in products designed for the environment

Tecomatic works continuously to find materials and products that provide the best possible results with the least possible environmental impact.