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Recycling industry

Sediment discharge and disposal of sediment at a recycling facility.

The customer's challenge

Disposal of sediments in treatment ponds

A customer in the recycling industry who, among other things, is engaged in the recycling of metals in southern Sweden needs sediment discharge in one of its treatment ponds. The water used in the recycling process is purified through various treatment steps and recirculated via a pond. The pond has accumulated a lot of sediment that needs to be dealt with in order not to negatively affect the volume of the pond.

Vattnet som används i återvinningsprocessen
Tecomatic gjorde först sedimentmätningar
Our solution

Sediment discharge, dewatering, aerator and environmental curtain

Tecomatic first performed sediment measurements, dewatering experiments and helped characterize the sludge. In this way, sludge volumes and characteristics can be estimated in order to adapt future emptying and disposal solutions.

Then a sediment discharge was carried out with our electric pontoon as the customer wanted an efficient and environmentally friendly discharge of the sediment. To enable this, the customer brought electricity to the dam.

From the pontoon, the sediment was dewatered in large geotubes and thanks to the sediment characterization, a solution for deposition could be developed.

A Tecomatic aerator was installed to optimize the pond, prevent odors and increase oxygenation. An environmental curtain was also installed to minimize the amount of particles going back into the factory via the recirculated flow.

In another newly constructed pond of the same customer, we installed screen walls to optimize the hydraulic properties of the pond and thereby improve the separation of particles. This allows for an optimized use of the pond’s surface area.

Facts and figures

Sedimenttömning och avvattning

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