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Erosion protection land & water

Tecomatic erosion protection plays an important role in infrastructure and equips our society for the future.

Sustainable and effective erosion protection

Tecomatic’s concrete mattresses are a quality-assured option for erosion protection. There is a wide range of uses. Our mattresses are available in three different models and are determined by the conditions of the project. They work equally well on land and in water and are available in a variety of thicknesses and therefore weights.

Tecomatics betongmadrasser är ett kvalitetssäkert

Erosion protection in water

Concrete mattresses are a quality-assured option for erosion control at power plants, ports, and for stabilizing and sealing canals and dams. The concrete mattresses can be used as a cover to prevent hazardous and contaminated materials from entering the surrounding water. The problem can arise, for example, at contaminated ports or at factories near water where contaminated materials have been dumped.

Another application is to protect and fold underwater wires and cables. They are then stabilized tightly against the bottom and the cables do not risk moving and wearing out.

Betongmadrasser är en snabb och effektiv metod

Propeller erosion protection in ports

Concrete mattresses are a quick and effective way to prevent erosion from strong propeller currents in ports. Common solutions are to connect the concrete mattress to the sheet piling or under the piled quay.

When installing against sheet piling, the mattress is installed so that we can finish by casting tightly between the mattress and the sheet piling beams. In the case of a piled quay, we sew the piles in and seal them tightly so that the propeller currents do not wash out the fine material. The concrete mattress is often used to prevent erosion in the wave and swell zone, which is common under quays where waves and swells hit the back beam and create turbulence.

The advantage of installing a textile mattress under a quay is that it is easy and convenient to bring in under the quay where it is then grouted with concrete after installation. It can be difficult to bring in material and to adjust the base of the mattress under a quay, i.e. to restore the material that has eroded away. In these cases we can perform a backfill, in which case we fill concrete behind the injected concrete mattress in a controlled way through the filter points of the concrete mattress. The mattress is a thin and strong structure, which reduces the need for dredging to achieve frame-free depth.

Erosion protection on land or at the waterline

When installing concrete mattresses on land, it is possible to color it to blend in with the environment, if it is of great importance. We can also use coconut nets that can be sown in grass at the time of construction, for example. Another option is to place ready-made plant mats on top of the concrete mattress. We also have reference projects where the client has laid stone on land and concrete mattress up to the waterline.

Protecting slopes from erosion

A common application for Tecomatic concrete mattresses is to protect slopes ending in water from erosion. A filter point mattress allows water to pass through the filter points, creating an even pressure in the slope. You can also combine different thicknesses if, for example, you want a heavier mattress on the outer edge.

Residual shape

When repairing stone coffins, concrete mattresses can act as a combined erosion protection and retention form. Once the mold is cast, we can backfill with lightweight concrete to fill the voids and create a homogeneous structure. We cast the mold that seals tightly to the substrate and can then fill the void behind the mattress.

Other uses

Bridge support

A concrete mattress installed tightly around the bridge abutment/cone is an effective way to prevent material from being washed away around the bridge abutment and weakening the bridge structure.

Road drum

A maintenance-free and durable erosion protection as vegetation does not grow through the concrete mattress.

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