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We offer products and complete solutions for erosion control and water treatment.


We specialize in products for environments where there are problems with erosion of land and fine materials or the spread of environmentally hazardous sediment, as well as in water treatment.

Tecomatic betongmadrasser

Concrete mattress

Tecomatic concrete mattresses are available in different models and thicknesses. We continuously develop the approach to the use of the concrete mattresses to always offer the best solution.

Vid muddring och schaktning vid förorenade

Environmental curtain / Silt curtain

Dredging and excavation in contaminated waters requires that contaminated materials and turbidity must not be dispersed. The silt curtain acts as a frame for the work area and prevents the spread of turbidity and contaminated materials.

Sewing & manufacturing

Tecomatic has extensive experience in sewing and working with large textiles.

För att uppnå en god rening i dammar och bassänger

Floating wall / control screen

In order to achieve good treatment in ponds and pools, the water must have a sufficiently long distance to travel so that the particles have time to settle to the bottom before the outlet.

Rening av dagvatten i stadsmiljöe

Screen pools

Stormwater treatment in urban areas can be problematic as it involves large amounts of polluted water flowing from impervious catchments into receiving waters.

Sediment, även kallat slam, är de större och

Sediment removal & dewatering

Sediment, also called sludge, is the larger and heavier particles present in the water to be treated.

Rockbags skyddar ledningar och jämnar ut botten.

Rock bags

Rockbags protect wires and level the bottom. Rockbags are portable and can be reused if necessary.

Spara både drift och byggkostnader jämfört med en kompakt

Container systems & precipitation dust

Save both operating and construction costs compared to a compact plant of equivalent power.

Med slitstark konstruktion för nordiska förhållanden


With durable construction for Nordic conditions, the bridge size and design can be adapted to suit your needs.

Flytande våtmarker är ett miljövänligt och energisnålt

Floating wetland

Floating wetlands are an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way to purify water while requiring minimal maintenance.


Surface aerators can be used to effectively oxygenate ponds and other bodies of water.

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