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Baltic Offshore

Baltic Offshore protects cables with concrete mattresses and 7,000 rockbags.

The customer's challenge

Protecting cables in the aquatic environment

Baltic Offshore was commissioned by Ellevio to install 420 kV (kilovolt) HVAC (High Voltage AC) cable in Lake Mälaren between Sätravik and Ängbybadet. Since Lake Mälaren is a drinking water supply, the materials that can be used are strictly regulated. Sea dredging also requires the protection of turbidity from spreading outside the work area.

Baltic Offshore fick i uppdrag av Ellevioatt installera
Filterpunktmadrass som går från land och avslutar i vatten.
Our solution

Customized concrete mattresses, environmental curtain and rockbags

Tecomatic has delivered two different categories of products

“We have worked with Tecomatic in several different projects and the cooperation has always worked very well. They are flexible and solution-oriented and together we have been able to come up with new solutions based on the conditions of the different projects, which we have also been able to use in several different projects.

– Pelle Andersson, COO and Head of Projects, Baltic Offshore

Tecomatic has collaborated with Baltic Offshore in several different projects. In a project outside Kårehamn, Baltic Offshore was commissioned to construct a wind farm and, together with Tecomatic, developed a specially adapted concrete mattress to be installed on the cable at several positions. We developed a concrete mattress that was pre-filled with concrete and then burned/set well in place. The same special solution was applied in another project where filled concrete mattresses were combined with rockbags to form a so-called coring solution to protect both cable and gas pipeline where the two crossed.

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Facts and figures

Miljögardin och specialanpassade

Contact us

Torbjörn Svensson

Business Area Manager Erosion Control

Eva Egnell

Product Specialist Concrete Mattresses, Environmental Curtains & Rockbags

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