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Water treatment

Tecomatic’s water treatment plays an important role for our environment and equips our society for the future.

Cleaning and maintaining the quality of Sweden's water environment

Water containing pollutants such as heavy metals and infectious substances requires high levels of treatment before it is released into our water systems, oceans, lakes and rivers.

Tecomatic offers complete solutions for the treatment of wastewater, stormwater, leachate/landfill and process water. We also offer lake restoration, as well as sediment removal from ponds and associated sediment dewatering.

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Customer solutions

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Total solution for our customers

Your security

We are a market leader in erosion control and water treatment and have been active in this field since the 1980s. We have performed installations for customers such as Skanska, Peab, NCC and others. Read more about our different customer solutions.

Safe delivery

We specialize in products for environments where there are problems with erosion of land and fine material and the spread of environmentally hazardous sediment. We also design and build complete facilities for the collection and treatment of stormwater, leachate, process water and wastewater.

Your full-service provider

Tecomatic can help you with everything from advice to entire contracts. We always strive, together with our customers, to create the best solution in water treatment and erosion control with the least possible environmental impact.

Our experience and knowledge solve your challenge

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