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Quay balcony promotes biodiversity in pilot projects

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The pier balcony at Söder Mälarstrand is an innovative pilot project in collaboration with Stockholm City, Stockholm Ports, Nyréns Arkitektkontor and Tecomatic. Tecomatic, led by Emil Eriksson, designed and laid out the quayside balcony designed by Daniel Fried and Maja Råby at Nyréns Arkitektkontor.

The quay balcony is an innovative and flexible way of using the city’s quays to promote biodiversity, but also a place for recreation. The flexibility lies in the fact that the quay balcony is based on a number of modules with different functions and designs and can be both moved and designed to adapt to different quays. The modules can be combined to create bridges in different sizes, large and small. The quay balcony in this project is a prototype intended to test the health-promoting measures as well as the usability and flexibility of the modular system.

The quay balcony is based on a main module, which in this project has been designed with a hatch that enables the installation of leveled Christmas trees. The Christmas trees form suspended rice vases below the deck, creating a form of artificial reef. Together with several floating wetlands that also make up parts of the quay balcony, greater opportunities are created for aquatic organisms to hide, feed and try their hand at the site.

The advantages of Tecomatics eco bridges:

  • Customization of size and design according to project requirements
  • Stable construction and floating element
  • Easy to anchor
  • Complete solution with installation and assembly

For more information about Tecomatic’s modular system and eco bridges, read here. Listen to the feature in P4 Stockholm where Oliver Karlöv, fishing consultant and initiator behind the quay balcony together with Lowa Sundh, architect, tells more about the project.

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