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Arman Oy becomes a distributor for Tecomatic products in the Finnish market.

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Arman Oy and Tecomatic AB have signed a reseller agreement for the Finnish market starting 2024-01-01. The agreement covers Tecomatic’s products Concrete Mattresses, Rockbags and Silt Curtains.

The background to the agreement is the strong growth that Tecomatic has had in recent years on the Swedish market, where the time is now ripe to take the products beyond Sweden’s borders.

“We have had a long collaboration with Anton Palolahti and Arman Oy, where we buy their dewatering geotubes that are used when we carry out our sediment dewatering. Anton has shown great interest in our customer solutions and also visited our production facilities in Kalmar, which has now landed in an agreement where we get the opportunity to expand and establish our products on the Finnish market, “says Jimmy Söderström, CEO of Tecomatic AB.

“Tecomatic has an impressive knowledge and experience in erosion control and it is with great enthusiasm that we are attempting the Finnish market together with Tecomatc. We have a large customer base in Finland that we also see as potential customers for erosion/concrete mattresses, rockbags and silt curtains,” says Anton Palolahti, CEO of Arman Oy.

Tecomatic has 40 years of experience in working with erosion protection that is sustainable, cost-effective and time-saving compared to other solutions, which are now also offered on the Finnish market. Similarly, we offer Tecomatic’s complete solution with silt curtains that are environmentally sustainable through the reuse of floats and chains and can be made 200 meters long in one piece in our production facilities. The installation is simple and carried out by local staff with supervision from Tecomatic staff.

Read more about Arman Oy at and about our different products here.

For more information, please contact
Jimmy Söderström, CEO Tecomatic
+46-706-39 86 72

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