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Great interest in Tecomatic’s work with erosion protection installations

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Right now, a major redevelopment is underway in the Slussen area in Stockholm. Among other things, the lock needs to be rebuilt to reduce the risk of flooding in Lake Mälaren and to secure drinking water. Two new discharge canals make it possible to drain almost five times as much water from Mälaren as before.

Tecomatic is carrying out, on behalf of Skanska and the city of Stockholm, a number of installations of concrete mattresses in several places to protect the bottom, bridge supports, quays and foundations against erosion damage that can occur when the drainage capacity in Slussen and the water flow in Lake Mälaren are now increased. The work with the installations is carried out in the water at a depth of 20 meters where the specially sewn concrete mattresses are anchored and injected with concrete. When the project is completed, Tecomatic will have installed concrete mattresses consisting of approximately 65,000 m2 of textile and 9,300 m2 of climate-improved concrete.

Seminar with Tecomatic and Skanska

On the occasion of the project, Tecomatic conducted a breakfast seminar at Hotel Hilton in the Slussen area in Stockholm. Invited guests had the opportunity to take part in the project and why concrete mattresses are a sustainable and cost-effective erosion protection. And listen to Caroline Apelqvist, project manager at Skanska, who told more about the collaboration and gave Skanska’s perspective on the Slussen project.

Other speakers were Torbjörn Svensson, business area manager erosion protection at Tecomatic and responsible for the project. Tecomatic is the market leader in concrete mattresses and specialists in solutions for environments where there are problems with erosion. Torbörn told us what challenges we have encountered in the project and how we solved these to contribute to a more sustainable Slussen.

The participants also had the opportunity to listen to Emil Eriksson, business area manager water treatment, and take part in stormwater solutions for urban transformation projects in Norrtälje harbor and Kyrkviksbadet in Nacka, stormwater treatment combined with piers and swimming area.

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