Tecomatic Concrete Mattress

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Concrete mattress

Tecomatic continuously develops the approach when using the concrete mattresses to always offer the best solution. As a result of this development work, it is possible, for example, to offer heavier products, ie thicker concrete mattresses, and combine different product types with each other. This makes Tecomatic concrete mattresses a cost effective alternative, as you have the right mattress for existing forces. Because the mattress requires much less thorough material than other structures such as anti-corrosion protection, reverse filters or gabions, we minimize transportation, it is also a quick method which makes concrete mattresses a good environmental choice. Tecomatic staff are always involved in carrying out the projects to ensure the best quality. With the right control program, we get an erosion protection with a long service life.

Filter point mattress: A mattress with filter points that creates even pressure.

Mattress Thickness (mm) Weight (kg/kvm)
FP125 65 89
FP200 120 185
FP200 140 220
FP200 280 440

Smooth mattress: A mattress that is designed with a dense and heavy construction.

Mattress Thickness (mm) Weight (kg/kvm)
UCS100 100 220
UCS150 150 330
UCS200 200 440
UCS300 300 660
UCS400 400 880
UCS500 500 1100

Block mattress: A mattress that has a knuckle joint when possible.

Mattress Thickness (mm) Weight (kg/kvm)
Block100 100 140
Block150 150 170
Block200 200 210
Block300 300 280

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