Propeller erosion protection in ports

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Propeller erosion protection in ports

Concrete mattresses are a fast and effective method of preventing erosion from heavy propeller currents in ports. Common solutions are where the concrete mattress connects to spontaneously, alternatively under the docked dock.

Sheet piling

When assembling against a sheet piling, the mattress is mounted so that we can finish by casting tightly between the mattress and the sheet pilings. Then the propeller currents can not flush out the fine material.

Piled quay

When docked we sew the piles and close tightly so that the propeller currents do not flush the fine material. The concrete mattress is also often used to prevent erosion in the wave and the swallow zone, which is common in quays where waves and swallows against the backbone and create turbulence. The advantage of installing a textile mattress under a quay is that it is easy to get under the quay where it is then injected with concrete after the installation. It may be difficult to get the material inside and adjust the substrate for the mattress under a quay, that is, restore the material that has been eroded. In these cases we can carry out a back design, then we fill concrete behind the injected concrete mattress in a controlled manner through the concrete mattress filter points. The mattress is a thin and strong construction which reduces the need for dredging to cope with depthless depth.

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